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Prepaid Calling Card Solution

VLEC Communications' VPC-9000 prepaid switching platform enables service providers to offer prepaid calling card services on both a retail and wholesale basis. The VPC-9000 supports both TDM (E1/T1) and VoIP traffic, offering service providers the most options for their businesses.

Our solution includes more than just the hardware and software needed to offer prepaid services. We also can help your company find and purchase prepaid cards, develop sophisticated pricing models to maximize revenue and negotiate prices with local and international telecom carriers.

VLEC provides two options for service providers: Purchase or Host.

Purchase: The purchase option allows the service provider to buy the VPC-9000 hardware and software and place the equipment in their network. This is a great option for service providers with large volumes of traffic and those offering prepaid calling services on a wholesale basis.

Host: br>The host option allows the service provider to lease a portion of a VPC-9000 switch for a small monthly fee.This option is great for smaller service providers who cannot justify purchasing an entire system to support their business.

Typically we recommend those businesses with traffic to support 60 or more concurrent calls to use our Purchase option. For those service providers with fewer than 60 concurrent calls, we recommend our Host option.

The VPC-9000 provides the highest levels of reliability and scalability. Key features of the VPC-9000 prepaid platform and technical specifications are available here:

VPC-9000 Technical Spec.(76 KB)

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